CUSTOM Self-Service Solutions

CUSTOM Self-Service Thermal Kiosk Ticket/Receipt Printers and Document Scanners for ATM’s, pay at the pump fuel dispensers, self check in kiosks, vending machines, unattended parking payment and access control systems and a myriad of other applications.

Self-Service is a particularly tough field, being subject to the maltreatments (unintended or otherwise) of untrained, unmonitored users and being located across a wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor environments. Consider also that the printer is mandatory to the operation of most self-service equipment fitted with printers, requiring autonomy and reliability of the highest level.

Our latest generation of the toughest most reliable Thermal Ticket/Receipt Printers and Document Scanners for self-service use is the culmination of over 20 years gaining insight and expertise through hard lessons in this field, combined with some brilliant innovation by our talented engineers.

The Saveo Scan Embedded S2D is a next-generation, ultra-compact, fixed mount embedded OEM 2D barcode scanner. Featuring durable IP65 rated industrial housing, a high-performance Saveo 2D Imager System and autosensing, the SAVEO-EMB-S2D is ideally suited to integrated kiosk, production line, ATM, POS and many other automatic scanning applications.